In the midst of the light steady rain last Sunday night the Reds were matched up in the League Semi-Finals against Russian side Zakusachnaya. The talented Russian team struck first on the 29' after a miscommunication on a back pass to goalkeeper Valencia, the ball was intercepted and found the back of the net on near perfect shot. Salamina answered on the 39' with rocket volley from Michaels just outside the top of the box.

The Reds went ahead 2-1 early in the second half with a clever tip in from old reliable Rony Goncalves after a cross from ageless........Costea Decu! Yes our old friend at the age of 38 was present to reenforce the Salamina line-up. Zakusachnaya poured on the pressure for the equalizer that finally came on the 72' after a rebound from a save and then a solid return shot to the middle of the net.
Salamina found the road to glory two minutes from time after a good exchange from the left side between Guillermo and Nikola Dokic. Nikola found Michaels onside with a clever through pass as the British forward with a blast lifted the Reds to a 3-2 win and thus the ticket to the League Final.

In the other Semi-Final Chernomorets was upset by ZHL Group Brighton Beach 2-1 in a very well played game.
LINE-UP: Valencia, Vincent (Edwin 76'), Jerrad, (G.Sapountzis 75'), Arbalaez, Antoniades,Dokic, Duke,(Michaels 23'), Theodore, Victor, Decu,(McEachnie), Goncalves.
Salamina will face ZHL GROUP BRIGHTON BEACH this coming Sunday, June 28th at Aviator Sports Complex. Kick-off is set at 8 P.M. (EXIT 11 S OFF BELT PARKWAY)
We urge all of our fans to be there to support NY Salamina to yet another quest for a Championship Title!


The U-16 Reds with another big win versus the Aviator Boys U-16 last Sunday are on top of the Division in the Indoor League. Andrew Kaston, Giannakis Sapounzis and Giovanni all had three goals a piece to lift Salamina with the score of 14-5. The Reds have 12 points and have a doubleheader this Sunday March 1st starting at 5 PM versus Eagles and BBB FCB at 6 PM. For complete standings click below at the League Website.

Giovanni is about to rip another one for the Reds versus the Aviator Team



It was a marathon that started at 10 AM and ended at 11 PM at Aviator Sports Complex this past Sunday. Yes, you guessed it ! It was our Annual Golden Goal Challenge Cup! This time it was bigger and better than ever with 24 Club Teams participating. Teams from the Tri-State area such as the Westchester Kicks, CD Iberia, Albanian Eagles, Brooklyn Albanians, Landsdowne Bhoys, Dervis Bosnia, B.H. Fanaticos, Polykratis, Paraguay FC, Chernomorets, NY Croatia, Serbia Soccer Club, Pythagoras Samos,AEK Fan Club of New York, Zakusachnaya, Manhattan Beach, NY Dinamo, Real Caribe, FC Fuzion, Campania Calcio and NYPD's Finest.

The Westchester Kicks were the surprsise of the Tournament as they defeated the Albanian Eagles 10-2 in the Quarter Finals and edged CD Iberia 5-3 in the Semi Final to get to the Grand Finale. The Mighty Reds of New York Salamina defeated the Westchester Kicks in the Final by the score 7-3 to capture their THIRD GOLDEN GOAL CHAMPIONSHIP! NY Salamina in the qualifiers in sweeping fashion defeated AEK NY 7-1, FC Fuzion 6-1 and New York's Finest 6-3 to receive a buy in the First Round Round of the playoffs. It also worth mentioning that the AEK NY Indoor Squad was packed with NY Pancyprians such as Chris Megaloudis and Tasos Polydefkis.

In the Quarter Finals Salamina defeated a very strong NYPD squad with the score of 7-4 and in the Semi-Final Salamina rocked NY Croatia by the score of 8-4. Juan Peralta, Victor Kodinsky and Diego Mayanga were dominant offensively for Salamina. In the Final, Salamina fell behind 1-0 but quickly recovered with back to back goals from Guillermo Arbalaez and Victor Kodinsky to take the early lead 2-1. The Reds defended well against the experienced veterans of the Westchester Kicks. The Kicks were filled with ex-Salamina players such as Tony Camaj, Laurence Piturro, Salvatore Renzo, Vuksan Djoldevic and Dede Leshi. "Our squad of young players such as Diego, Kodinsky and Peralta blended with veterans like Nikola Dokic, Rony Goncalves and Guillermo Arbalaez gave us depth and confidence to march and win six games in a row in convincing fashion" commented Salamina General Manager Andrew Parperides.

Juan Peralta was named the MOST VALUABLE PLAYER from the Reds and Diego Mayanga was the top scorer of the Tournament with 9 goals. NY SALAMINA LINE-UP: Cabanas, Goncalves, Kodinsky, Mayanga, Dokic, Guillermo, Teddy, Peralta, Gustavo, Garcia, Alimov.

The Tournament attracted over 500 people between spectators and participants from 24 Clubs. The top Indoor Soccer talent of New York was present in great numbers at this Tournament.

The staff of New York Salamina wishes to thank the management of Aviator Sports Complex, especially Supervisor Felix Abramovich for making this a special day for our organization as the memory of our late President Demetris Parperides is very much alive!


The Reds Juniors are stepping up in the Indoor Tournaments with a stunning victory with the score 17-1 over St.Edmunds High School at Aviator Indoor Sports Complex last Sunday night. The U-16 Salamina Boys were unstoppable especially in the first half with Giovanni, Andrew Kaston and newcomer Bruno leading the way. Omar Hesham was steady in goal with a very good effort.
The Reds Men's Team were not as sucessfull versus Manhattan Beach. After leading at halftime with the score 5-4, the Reds bowed to Manhattan Beach with the final 11-7.
"I'm happy with our U-16 Boys Team" commented Head Coach Andrew Parperides. "We have some talented youngsters that will help us in the future. As far as the Men's Team, we were not mentally prepared for the last 15 minutes of the game. We need to boost our depth on the bench and we will."


The Indoor season has arrived along with New Year! The Reds clashed against the young but very physical team of Pythagoras Samos last Sunday night at Aviator Sports Complex. Salamina prevailed with final of 14-11. Samos jumped to an realy 3-1 lead but the Reds after the entrance of midfielder Guillermo Arbalaez turned the game around with five consecutive goals. Mateos Dod Anjos, Thomas Gelardi and Victor Kodinsky added three goals each to overcome the early deficit. LINE-UP: Cabanas, (Omar), Kodinsky, Gelardi, Dos Anjos, Jaime, (Guillermo), Alimov, (Garcia), Kaston.

The Indoor Season at Aviator continues Sunday January 11th. The full schedule will be posted by January 6th.


Salamina opened the NYSL Indoor Season at Ozone Park's Junior High School 22 with a solid effort versus Xeneise last Sunday afternoon. The Reds rested plenty of players
after last week's victory against the Manhattan Kickers in the APL but showed up with a much younger team and defeated Xeneise with the score of 8-5 to take the three points.
Guillermo Arbalaez, Thomas Gelardi and Jamie Vinencio led Salamina on Sunday along with teenagers Geovanny, Diego and David Alimov. Abad Crosby made a rare appearance in goal for the Reds making a couple of spectacular saves.
The Brazilian newcomer Jaime Vinencio displayed his bicycle kick ability, ripping one with his back to the net. Jaime added two more goals to score his first hatrick for Salamina. Guillermo and Thomas were solid defensively for the Reds.
"Our young players did well and expect to see more of our U-18 players in various Indoor competitions throughout the winter" commented Manager Andrew Parperides.
The Reds will clash against Great Neck FC next Sunday December 21st at Junior High School 22 (138-30 Lafayette Street) in Ozone Park, Queens. Kick-off is at 4:15 P.M.


In a game that was played in freezing weather, (temperature below 32 degrees F), the Reds came victorious big by the score of 9-3. The Kickers that came into the game in 4th place in the APL, are in a fight for the 4th and Final Playoff spot in the League. Perhaps it is a little too early to talk about the playoffs but the Reds have won their 6th game in a row in the APL.
Nikola Dokic once again was the leader for the Reds with 4 goals and three assists. Salamina found themselves trailing 1-0 early in the game against a quick Kickers squad.
Manhattan was fast but apparently very inexperienced for the Reds. Salamina came back with three quick goals and led ta halftime with the score 3-1. 16 year old John Sapountzis continues to impress at midfield. John gave the Reds a bigger lift in the start of the second half by finishing two give and go opportunities from Nikola Dokic. With a 5-1 lead, Manager Andrew Parperides substituted three players and gave everyone an opportunity to play the final game of the first half of the season. The Kickers came back with two goals to cut the lead at 5-3. One of them was a questionnable penalty after Mateos Dos Anjos clipped a Manhattan forward just outside the Salamina box. The Reds did not dispute the referee call and answered back with four more goals to finish the game with a 9-3 trouncing of the Kickers! Mateos Dos Anjos who is rumored to get a look with the professional club in Cyprus in January scored the final goal of the game with a tremendous individual effort by slicing through the middle of the kickers defense around three defenders.
"We had good chemistry the past few games" and "we're looking forward to a strong second half of the season". Those were the comments of Manager Andrew Parperides after the game. Salamina will begin the Indoor Soccer Season the following Sunday December 14th. Location and time will be announced by this coming Wednesday.
LINE-UP: Eran, C.Sapountzis, Adikimenakis,(Salinas 58'), Bojbasa, Pullinen, (Augustine 52'), J. Sapountzis, Mateos, Dokic, (Crosby 62'), Alimov, Guillermo, Gelardi.
In other news the Reds U-12 Boys Team lost an exciting exhibition game at Flushing High School last Wednesday night versus Manchester United U-12 Boys of Flushing by the score of 7-5. The U-12 Boys are a talented bunch!
In the NYSSL Playoffs last Thursday night the Reds blew a 3-1 lead only to lose in the Final to the Eagles with the score of 6-4. It's worth mentioning that Salamina finished the game with two players short after two red cards were given to Viktor Kodinsky and Agard Radoncicby referee Juan Carlos Noboa.Way to go Juan!!! In the semi-finals the Reds defeated Hoyt Park with the score of 7-1 and the Albanian Eagles had no problem by defeating Tibetan FC with the score 5-0. Hoyt Park took the Third Place Trophy. The NYSSL 2009 Spring Season will kick-off on Thursday March 26th!
Any players that are interested to try-out for the Salamina Indoor Team for the winter can call 646-247-5167.

For Aviator Link Standings click here


New York Salamina had no problem last Sunday at Aviator versus FC United. The Reds easily penetrated and found the net 10 times! Aviv Volnerman scored 5 goals while Nikola Dokic scored 3 and David Alimov netted the ball two times for the Red and White. "That team was no match for us but that doesn't mean we are not going to be cautious in the next game" commented Manager Andrew Parperides.

LINE-UP: Eran, Alfredo, Augustine, Gelardi, C.Sapountzis, Adikimenakis, Dokic, Victor, Volnerman, Alimov, Panagiotou.

The Reds will clash with NY Sicilians this coming Sunday at Aviator Sports Complex. Kick-off time will be at 5 P.M.

For Aviator Link Standings click here

NYSSL- One week to go before playoffs

Tibet FC is still sweating it out after dropping a close one to Hoyt Park last Thursday night at L I.C.H.S by the score of 4-2. The Albanian Eagles are coming on strong on with a big 8-0 win over Nepal FC. Nissan Koeppel outlasted Pythagoras Samos with a last minute goal with the score of 5-4 and trail Tibet by three points for the last playoff in Group B. The game between the Albanian Eagles and Hoyt Park will decide the Division Champion of Group A although they're both officially in the Playoffs on December 4th.

In other news, New York Salamina's APL game versus Manhattan Kickers has been rescheduled for Sunday December 7th at Aviator Sports Complex. The regularly scheduled game versus the NY FC Bravehearts has been awarded in favor to NY Salamina in a 3-0 Forfeit for failure of the Bravehearts to field a team on gameday. For complete schedule and results click here

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The Reds after holding the Zakusachanaya constant attack to 0-0 until halftime, they came out flying in the second half and ousted the Russians 3-0. The Sunday night derby was watched by plenty of supporters from both sides as both teams displayed a good brand of football. In the second half , Salamina opened the score with Aviv Volnerman who got a good feed from Nikola Dokic just inside the opponen't box. The second goal came on the 68' from an unselfish effort from Nikola Dokic. The striker from Montenegro with a clever pass led 19 year old David Alimov that found the net and lifted Salamina up to 2-0. Just three minutes from time 17 year old John Sapountzis with an unexpected volley from 30 feet that sailed over the goalie into the upper left corner of the net capped the Reds triumph.

LINE-UP: Eran, Augustin, Guillermo, Antoniades, Bojabasa, Gelardi, Panagi, (C.Sapountzis 46'), Dokic, Volnerman, Alimov, J.Sapountzis.

The Reds will clash with FC New York this coming Sunday November 16th at Aviator Sports Complex. Kick-off is set for 7 P.M.


The Reds defeated Tibetan FC on Thursday night and clinched First Place in Group B of the NYYSL therefore assuring a position in the Final Four on December 4th.George Pirillou assisted on two goals and scored one while Augustine and Nikola Dokic scored the other two goals. The Albanian Eagles with a reenforced squad took the derby of Group A with a 7-2 of Hoyt Park Boys but still trail them in the standings by two points with two games to go. Salamina will clash with powerhouse Zakushnacha in the APL on Sunday night November 9th at Aviator Sports Complex. The game will kick off at 8:30 P.M.

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The Reds continued their upward climb in the APL with a huge win over INTER BROOKLYN last Sunday night at Aviator Sports Complex. The slaughter of goals started early in the game with 3 goals from 19 year old Davis Alimov from three passes by Greek Cypriot midfielder George Pirillou. Aviv Volnerman added three goals of his own and Nikola Dokic blasted two more and he is also leading the League with 6 goals in five games. Marlon McGegney capped the triumph late in the game at 9-0.
"We're going in the right direction" commented Head Coach Andrew Parperides." We will show our real strength next Sunday night versus undefeated powerhouse Zakushnaya." The Russian team is undefeated so far this season and the game is scheduled for an 8:30 P.M. Kick-off next Sunday night, November 9th at Aviator. For directions go to www.aviatorsports.com

.LINE-UP: Eran, Augustin, C.Sapountzis, Guillermo, Pirillou, Y. Sapountzis, (Gelardi 65'), Bojbasa, (Roberto 72'), Dokic, (Panagi 69'), Volnerman, Alimov, Crosby.


The goals came down like rain and thunder on Sunday night at Aviator Sports Complex. The Reds defeated Polish American VISLA with the unbelievable of 8-0. Nikola Dokic opened the score on the 12' with a penalty kick after a handball inside the box. Abad Crosby made it 2-0 from real close after a clever pass from Dokic on the 26'. Aviv Volnerman joined the parade of goals with three of his own at the 36', 44' and 57'. Dokic scored again from an angle shot on the 78' and newcomer David Arisov sealed the triumph with his first goal with the Reds uniform just before fulltime. With this victory Salamina climbed to 3rd Place in the Standings and is looking ahead at next Sunday's game with great confidence. Salamina faces BROOKLYN INTER at Aviator on Sunday November 2nd. Kick-off is set at 7:00 P.M. LINE-UP: Gustavo, Esteban, Bojbasa, Antoniades, Crosby, Volnerman, Gelardi, Dokic, Arisov, McGegney, Guillermo, (Sergio 58').


The inconsistent showings of the Reds are already taking their toll this early season at the APL. The Reds went up 1-0 on the score on the 12' from Nikola Dokic after a long pass from Peter Antoniades. A misclearance in the back from Mark Bojbasa, gave ISSC a chance to knot the score at 1-1 on the 20'. ISSC went ahead on the 32' from a shot just inside the box. Vadim was injured earlier this week during a scrimmage(knee) and had to exit at halftime. Enter Dario Cabanas in goal. A tragic mistake on the 56' from the Paraguayan goalie gave ISSC a 3-1 edge. Cabanas fanned on easy ball coming in and the rest was elementary. Salamina came back attacking the last twenty minutes but the ISSC goalkeeper stood tall and saved three tremendous opportunities by the Reds from shots of Dokic, Alimov and Guillermo Arbelaez.

"We didn't capitalize on our chances" commented Andrew Parperides after the game. "if you allow three goals you dig yourself a hole.We will try to correct our defensive mistakes in the next game."

The Reds face the Polish American side of Visla next Sunday night at Aviator Sports Complex. Kick-off is set at 9:00 P.M.


New York Salamina outlasted the veteran team of ASTORIA FRIENDS last Thursday night with the score of 7-2. Nikola Dokic had three goals, while Adam Pullinen, David Alimov, Alfredo and Augustine had one goal each. In the other games in Week 4 , Albanian Eagles stumbled with a 1-1 tie versus a feisty Nissan Team while surprising Tibet is marching undefeated by edging Pythagoras Samos by the score of 3-2. HOYT PARK BOYS is one of the early favorites for the title after a 6-1 victory versus Nepal FC, the Sky Blue is in First Place in their group with 9 points.

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In a Friday night make-up game for the NYSSL, the Reds ousted the Albanian Eagles with the score 5-1 and remained on top of the Group in the Standings. Nikola Dokic opened the score at 14' with a corner drive that found the net. Adam Pullinen made it 2-0 for Salamina with a finishing touch after a good cross from Agustin. Dokic made it 3-0 with a successful penalty kick after a handball. The Albanians cut the deficit to 3-1 after a deflection/own goal that was redirected into the net by Reds defender Guillermo Arbalaez. Salamina answered back with newcomer Agustin. The Mexican made it 4-1 for the Reds and Dokic with a header sealed the victory for the Reds. Salamina will resume obligations for the Aviator Premier League with a game on Sunday October 19th. Kick off versus ISSCP is at 9 P.M. at Aviator Sports Complex.


After the first week's disappointment, the Reds returned to glory on Friday night at Aviator Sports Complex by crushing BRIGHTON BEACH by the score of 7-1. The Reds opened the score at 21' by Marlon McGegney with a strong volley following a rebound. Sinisa made it 2-0 with a header after a good cross from Marlon at the 26'. Brighton Beach cut the lead to 2-1 with a breakaway at the 32'. Nikola Dokic with a thunderous shot from the top of the box on the 41' mase it 3-1 in favor of NY Salamina. In the second half Salamina manged to control the midfield flow with Peter Antoniades, Adam Pullinen and Mateus Dosanjosleading the way. The Reds continued the parade of goals from Guillermo Arbalaez 53', George Pirillou 64', Mateus 73' and Peter Antoniades on the 80'.

"A well deserved effort from the guys tonite" commented General Manager Andrew Parperides. "This is the team chemistry we expect the rest of the way." LINE-UP: Slashtchev, Z.Dokic, (M.Bojbasa), Sinisa, N.Dokic, Pirillou, Antoniades, Arbalaez, Pullinen, Mateus, Antoniades, Gelardi. The Reds will continue their obligations at L.I.C.H.S this Thursday night October 9th versus Astoria Albanians with a 9:00 P.M. Kick-off.


The Reds opened the Regular Season in the Aviator Premier League last Sunday night versus Chernamorets. In a game where the two crucial mistakes were made in the first twenty minutes, NY Salamina came away with a loss by the score of 2-1. Chernamorets opened the score after a miscommunication between the Reds Goalkeeper and defender Mark Bojbasa.The secong goal came on a questionnable penalty call after Bojbasa attempted to clear the ball from an attacking player's feet inside the box. Salamina trailed 2-0 at halftime in the midst of the steady rain falling. Nikola Dokic cut the deficit in half after a successful penalty kick in the 62' and the same player nearly tied the score with a direct free kick over the defending player's wall at the 77'. The ball just shaved the near post and went out. "I'm more concerned with our depleted back four" commented Manager Andrew Parperides. "We also need more consistency from our midfield. We're looking at some new players this week."

Salamina will face Brighton Beach this Friday night at Aviator. Kick-off is set at 8:00 P.M.


The Reds continued the exhibition season with another victory last Sunday at Con Edison Field with a 7-2 triumph over Italian League side SS Cosma & Damiano. NY Salamina opened the score with Greek Cypriot George Pirillou on the 17'. Cosma Damiano tied the score after a shot deflected off a Salamina defenseman and was redirected into the net. Salamina bounced back right before halftime with a give and go from Abad Crosby and Pirillou. Crosby lifted the Reds with a hard shot.
The second half found the Reds dominating offensively with the frontline of Nikola Dokic, Joe Bojbasa and George Pirillou being a little too much to handle for the young defense of Cosma & Damiano. The Reds scored five more goals to up the score to 7-1 before the Italian side got a late goal to end the game at 7-2 in favor of New York Salamina.
George Pirillou added two more goals to finish with 3 for the game and show that in addition to Nikola Dokic New York Salamina has another weapon this season to thread the net.
Veterans Joe Bojbasa , Nikola Dokic and Daniel Bataglia added one goal each in the second half.
"We're looking more like a team making good decisions out there" claimed Head Coach Andrew Parperides after the game.
LINE-UP: Vadim, Kemal, Sammi, Vahid, Daniel, Dokic, Pirillou, Crosby, M.Bojbasa, J.Bojbasa, Michael
The Reds will be part of a 4 Team Round Robin this coming Thursday night, September 18th at L.I.C High School. The Four Teams that will participate will be Albanian Eagles, NNYC,
Pythagoras Samos and NY Salamina. Kick off of the Tournament will be at 7:15 P.M.
L.I.C High School Field is located at 14-30 Broadway in Astoria Queens.


New York Salamina announces that SYNERGY FITNESS CLUB ASTORIA N.Y will be the 2008-2009 Team Jersey Sponsor. Our thanks to the staff at Synergy Fitness for their generous promotion of our 2008-2009 Uniforms. All Salamina supporters should feel freee to visit the Modern Gym at 23-35 BROADWAY in Astoria, Queens. Discount memberships are offered to ALL Salamina players and fans. Call 718-267-7700 to get fit!


New York Salamina Soccer Academy will reopen this Saturday afternoon September 13th for Boys and Girls, Ages 5-16. Classes will be held on the North End of Astoria Park-(23rd Avenue & 19th Street) on Saturdays between 5:00 - 7 P.M. There will be also classes for our advanced group on Thursdays at L.I.C High School Field this fall between 7:00 P.M. - 8:15 P.M. Location 14th Street & Broadway in Astoria Queens Our instructors this season will be Nikola Dokic, George Pirillou & Abad Crosby. Any parents interested to register their children for Soccer this season please call Andrew Parperides at 646-247-5167 for more information.

Our U-11 Salamina Reds Team was Runner-Up in Scarsdale Memorial Tournament back in May.


After a 6 Month absence Midfielder Carlos Salinas agreed to return to NY Salamina for the upcoming 2008-2009 Soccer Season. The Peruvian 28 year old Midfielder had a 6 month stint with Atletico Alianza of the Peruvian First Division and earlier in his career Carlos played in Belgium for FC Brugge. "We're hoping that Carlos will help us this season" commented Head Coach Andrew Parperides.

Carlos Salinas (right) with Amir Klincevic after the win vs U.S. Parma back in November of 2007


Plenty of new faces last Sunday at Kissena Park in Flushing. NY Salamina in a friendly scrimmages against PYTHAGORAS SAMOS, a Hellenic American squad from the Cosmopilitan League Metro One Division. Pythagoras opened the score just before halftime on the 43' after a break away. The Reds looked flat in the first half after a long three week summer break.

In the second half, Salamina tied the game on the 67' from Nikola Dokic after a strong effort from an angle shot. Pythagoras had the chance to go ahead after winning a penalty but Goalie Dario Cabanas made an excellent save to keep the score at 1-1. The winning goal came after a Thomas Gelardi cross and a Dokic shot that deflected in the net off a Samos' defender just two minutes before fulltime. "The return of Dario Cabanas in goal was a positive factor for us but we're still looking for at least two experienced fullbacks" commented Head Coach Andrew Parperides after the game.

Greek Cypriot Geoge Pirillou added an offensive spark at Left Midfield for Salamina. George returns to the Reds after a two year absence. The 24 year old midfielder was at Mercer College in New Jersey on a 2 year Soccer Scholarship.The young Cypriot will give added speed in the outside midfield position. The Reds will clash versus Tibettan FC this coming Saturday August 30th at Con Edison Field. Kick-off is at 3:00 P.M.


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